boy, oh boy!

It’s been so long since i’ve blogged, I’m not sure there was ever any talk of a baby! My sister in law is due in 3 weeks! VERY hard to believe this time has flown by so quickly! Little Max should be arriving sometime before Thanksgiving, and  we could ‘t be more excited! 2 showers, and lots of love later, its been baby mania around my house! Check out the fun I’ve been having!

photo 1-3

First were the invites. Little boys are a hoot, aren’t they? My sister in law LOVES owls, so I thought this was the perfectly themed invite. Although I don’t recommend putting raffia through a button (enough to make you nuts)  the swing effect with the peek-aboo owl added the perfect element of playfulness. I added a chevron liner to  baby blue envelopes, and away we went!

And then there were the centerpieces. These were a bit more challenging than anticipated, but in the end, I LOVED how they turned out! I got the idea from Pinterest – but there was no link for a how to, so I improvised. I started with 3 panels of thinly cut wood from the craft store. I had my brother cut them into even 6″ squares to make cubes. I then glued them together with wood glue and began to paint.

photo 3-2

Ater the blue cubes had dried, I cut 3.5″ cubes out of foam board and attached with wood glue. Even though foam board is already white, I like the texture of the paint, so I painted over them with a sheer white (I LOVE to make more work for myself!). Next I found wood letters at the craft store and painted them the same blue as the cubes. I attached when dried to the foam board.

4After a day to dry, these baby blocks were all done! I searched high and low to find the perfect vases to put inside of these cubes, but wound up using old deli containers.

After some thought about which flowers we’d use, my mom and I settled on hydrangeas and roses.  We made sure to use big flowers so they would cover up the openings of the cubes – I suppose you could use peonies or spider mums (think pink for a little girl – soooo cute). We added a few extra jars with baby’s breath and roses to the table, and a burlap runner to complete the look!

photo 2-1




The best part is, little Max has an awesome decoration for a shelf in his room (from his awesome aunt!). They were a lot of work, but worth every minute!

photo 1

And THEN, there were the favors. My brother and sister in law really like Garret’s popcorn. Really like it.  Once while visiting me in Chicago, my brother asked me to hold his bag of Garrett’s popcorn so he could go back into another location  to get more.  We figured we’d somehow incorporate that into the favors – and as luck would have it, we found a cute popcorn favor idea from Pinterest (where else?) and began to craft! “She’s ready to pop” Only seemed appropriate!

I had quite a few mason jars laying around, and topped them off with some sweet baby boy fabric! The best way to do this was with a tiny rubber band to keep the fabric down on all sides. I created some labels with the leftover invitation material, and attached with a mini clothes pin and raffia! SO cute! The popcorn was a big hit all around!

All we need now is for that little guy to get here!


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bridal shower glitz

showerGold has been my biggest obsession lately. Jewelry, belts, papers, cards, ribbons, you name it… all I want is GOLD!

So, naturally when I saw this sparkly gold paper at the Paper Source, I NEEDED to find a project for it! Luckily a friends upcoming bridal shower needed invitations (well, let’s be serious, I would have talked myself into getting it for something..) Her beach wedding is in Mexico (which I’ll be enjoying in two short weeks – not to brag, or anything) and her color is sea green. After deciding to incorporate some new fonts and similar colors into the invite, I thought the gold paper gave it a little glitz along with the rhinestone (how fitting, right?) and looks great with the darker sea color envelopes (the A6 envelopes also from Paper Source, my favorite). After a night of cutting, gluing, and stamping, I have to say I think they turned out great! I’m still finding glitter all over the house, and sometimes on the dog, but this is the price we pay for fun crafts! I can’t wait to use the other colors too!

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mirage rock rocks on…


Mirage Rock. Finally.

I know this album came out in Sept, and being a loyal boh fan, I am sad to report I am just getting around to giving it a good listen now. In January.

Shhh, don’t tell the band.

It’s no mirage, this album rocks! (sorry, had to)

I can’t ever really say anything bad about Band of Horses which makes my  favoritism annoying and biased, I know, but I really think this too was another impressive album. A great among greats! This time around, the mood was a little more country, ringing in strong with those southern rock influences that make you feel like you’ve gone back to your roots. I hear the Eagles, and Neil Young… did somebody say Crazy Horse? With his killer vocals and witty words, I believe Ben Bridwell can do no wrong. I could listen to him sing sweet nothing’s with that beautiful voice any day, all day. Forever and ever, amen. My favorite song – Everythings Gonna be Undone, I swear is written for me – and I find myself humming it to myself all day long. It’s SO good. Electric Music is my other favorite, I literally turn it up and belt the song out every time I get in the car (yea, it’s ugly). Maybe because the song sings “Traveling the open road” I picture myself driving down a dirt road in the 70’s – you know, even though I was just an idea then. Very Almost Famous, tour bus-esq…

imagesI Love this album as much, if not more than Infinite Arms, and cannot believe the backlash Band of Horses got for it! Get out of 2007! Sounds change, music evolves, musicians grow – so get on board! I was seriously shocked at the bad reviews Mirage Rock got, since at first listen, I loved it! I do understand sometimes it takes awhile to get into new albums, and more often than not it’s easy to jump to the negatives. Not all changes are good, but c’mon! This one? It’s SO good.

Maybe the classic rock/country/folk lover that i am didn’t care that sound was a little different – because it’s a sound I like so much. Either way, the band still has their Indie Rock aesthetic, pop sense, and good lyrics. They’ve just revamped a little. Whys’ everybody so mad about that?

And maybe I will never think badly of boh, and really this is more of a love letter/blog praise from a crazy fan than an actual review. Tomatoe, tomato.

And maybe i’m giving Mirage Rock 4 thumbs up because, well, we’ve already decided that I’m irritating and play favorites.

If you haven’t already, give her a listen, you won’t be sorry.

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jars, jars and… more jars!

I’ve been collecting jars forever. Ok, it’s been maaaaybe a year, but it feels like forever! I kept seeing these cute DIY projects to do with mason jars and milk jars, and I thought, done and done! why not reuse my olive jars, spaghetti jars, and pickle jars? Why not go green? Why not!

Other than the fact I’ve become a serious pack rat with all these craft projects (my laundry room has turned into ‘craft crap’ room) I do have to say, the jars were  a good thing to  hoard. I’ve found many, many things to do with them! My toothbrush sits in a very fancy spice jar, my pens stand nicely in a mason jar on my desk, and a pickle jar has made a wonderful home for my dish scrubbing brush. How countrified! My first project was to dye these jars with food coloring and glue so they looked like colored glass. While I successfully dyed my countertops turquoise, I can’t say the same for my jars. The color was too faded and just weren’t worthy of sitting in my windows. It wouldn’t be the first pinterest project gone awry, but I decided to move onto my next craft – things to put in these jars. This seemed much easier anyway! For Christmas I like to make peppermint bark (mostly because it’s literally just heating up chocolate and breaking up candy canes) so I thought, I have all these silly jars, why not put candies in the jars in a cute way!


I found some cute red and white fabric to dress up the tops, tied em’ up with a green ribbon and viola! Cute, cheap, and resourceful!

peppI also made some chocolate dipped pretzels for the folks who don’t like peppermint bark (crazies) which were very cute as well. Considering I have about 60 more jars, I just might have to put more presents in jars! I can only imagine the cute fabric for birthdays, or any other holiday! Stacking cookies or adding popcorn, oh! the possibilities! If I come up with something fabulous, i’ll make sure to document it!

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Happy Holidays!

photoHappy Holidays! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Sept! So busy! This little guy on the card is one of the reasons! My adorable little pug, Moose, has been keeping me quite busy! He’s at the 6 month point, so thing are looking up (ish!) I wanted to share my holiday card, such an innocent little monster! Can’t wait for the Holidays and New Year! Hoping to blog about some work I’ve recently done, and some photos! More to come!!

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roddick waves goodbye

When you think of tennis, the words gentleman, sophisticated, and elegant should come to mind. On his good days, Andy was lucky if he achieved well-behaved. It usually wasn’t pretty. There was the arguing. There was the racket throwing. There was the snotty press conferences. Although at most times these things made me cringe,  I’d have to say they eventually became what I liked most about him. Bad behavior aside, he was real. He didn’t hide the fact he was upset about his losses, or that his emotions sometimes got the best of him. Although it was hard to watch, you always knew how bad he wanted it, and how hard it was to lose.

After an emotional farewell, tennis fans said goodbye to Andy Roddick this week.


Retirement? Already? Last match… ever?

I initially started following his career because he was the only American within reach of the big titles. OK, OK, and he’s also quite the golden boy. He was somebody that always worked hard and went the extra mile, but didn’t always come out on top. He was the guy you couldn’t help but root for, no matter how many losses or snarky  interviews he gave. The quintessential underdog.

It wasn’t all tears and tantrums, Roddick did something right – he remained in the top ten for 9 years, and won 32 career titles – with one grand slam. He was also a huge Davis Cup crusader- playing for his country meant more to him than his own pro tour – and he was a consistent mentor for the younger players on tour. Not a shabby resume at all.

While I admit I pushed a few tears back after his speech, I doubt this is the end. He warned us he’d be back as a fan, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he came back as a sportscaster, announcer, or linesman (just kidding) – the guy does have an undeniable wit. His eloquence surely  calls for the sport of tennis. Or at least television – we want to see that pretty face!

Maybe he’ll be as fickle as Brett Farve – a girl can hope, right?

Sniff, Sniff. Is it too soon to make I miss Andy t-shirts?

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purple perfection: an inspirational shoot

I am so excited. Thanks to Yellow Diamond Events and Kristen La Voie Photography  another summer project completed! I am very happy to share the gorgeous photos from their inspirational shoot! It turned out beautiful! Every last detail was perfect – my favorite being the little cookie cakes by Luscious Layers Bakery! Honestly, how cute are those?! The flowers were great as well, the arrangements by Life in Bloom. I was lucky enough to participate – my stationary was featured! Had a blast creating the print materials to match this rustic, yet polished wedding shoot! Enjoy the photos! Hoping to work with these talented people in the near future!

I wish all my invitations were accompanied by beautiful flowers!

The invites turned out great! Floral, floral, floral! I also love, love, love the photo on the right. The lighting and placement is MAGICAL!

I Still can’t get over the teeny desserts! UHM, YUM! Love the cork detail cards too!

SO beautiful, right?! The soft lighting and various shades of purple are enchanting! I love all the rustic touches, like the wine corks, branches, and mason jars. They look perfect with the chic, iridescent, wine glasses (which i am totally lusting after) and the matching plates! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for Yellow Diamond Events!

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