It Must be Love.

August 31, 2010 at 8:52 pm Leave a comment

It’s that time again! The last slam of the year – I couldn’t be more excited! The US open 2010 is sure to be an eventful upcoming two weeks. The tennis community is buzzing about all their predictions for the end of hard court season. It’s been an exciting summer, which has put a lot of the guys in the right spots for the draw this year.

If I hear one more person say Nadal is up for a career slam, I might puke. Yes, Nadal is good. Yes, Nadal is VERY good. But on hardcourt? I think his past performances in NYC are a pretty good reflection of  his capacity there. He is a tremendous player, but I’d place my money elsewhere. And definately not on Federer! So what? he won in Cincy? Can we talk about all the big losses he suffered this summer? Just because he’s the best tennis player in the history of tennis (god, it kills me to write that) doesn’t mean  we can ignore the fact he went on quite a losing streak this year. If it was any other player and they’d be long forgotten!

And if i have to sit through ANOTHER slam final with Fed and Nadal, I might just stop watching tennis altogether. And, I mean it this time.

But lets look to the players that have really improved this year. Berdych, Soderling, or Roddick (obviously, he’s my boyfriend) – I belive have a chance at it. And maybe Murray, although he’s lost so much this summer I’m finding it harder and harder to support him. I’d be content with any of these as finalists. They’ve all had really great seasons, and can give ANYBODY a run for their money. I’d also love to see Querry and Isner make it further than the 4th round this time, they’ve become kind of dissapointing for US men’s tennis.

On the woman’s side, I’d like to see Clijsters, or Ivonovich take the win, and I hope Oudin can outdo her amzing run last year! Should be a great tournament!


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