It must be history.

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Per the usual, it was an exciting two weeks of upsets and surprises. I was sad to see my favorite players out so early (thank you, American tennis for being so predictable) but I involuntarily made some new favorites, (just what I need, to become more obsessed with the sport) and I’d have to say, I really enjoyed it this year.For starters, I must admit I was wrong – Nadal did in fact kick some hard court ass.  He showed up for the job this time around, winning the championship, making him the 7th man in history to win a career slam. No matter how sick i am of seeing his face on all things tennis, that’s pretty impressive – and I guess I can’t be too upset, the guy is a huge talent – even if he does wear women’s clothing.

And what a capri wearing championship it was! It was hard to watch Djokovic lose last night, especially after Saturday’s triumph over Federer (soooo satisfying) but he lost gracefully, and warned us he’d get his turn soon. Which,  after his victorious performances this week, I’d say is a pretty realistic threat. I loved watching him joke and smile after losing the tournament (I wonder if the $800,000 he’ll be bringing back to Serbia helped) because he’s certainly come a long way. No excuses, tears, or awkward silences this time – we saw a new and improved, positive, mature gentleman. Which is fitting since it is a gentleman’s sport, after all (Yes, I’m choosing to over look the racket slamming and yelling during the third set – the guys IS human). The world was hoping Nadal could break yet another record, and he did. And he deserved it. It was pretty special Novak acknowledged that.

Over on the ladies side, there were minimal matches that excited me. I’m glad Kim Clijsters came through in the end – I knew she could do it. Her championship game seemed pretty lackluster, taking out Zvonerava in 2 quick sets, but she came to win back her trophy and did just that! It was still the championship, even if it didn’t feel like it.

It’s always sad to see the end of the tennis season go for the year – but it’s always a worth the wait come January. I’m looking forward to some new crushes players and some new drama. I’m also really looking forward to seeing some of those young americans (cough, cough) surprise me.

Till then, you won’t be hearing too much about tennis. Well, that might be a lie. I might run out of things to blog about. Lucky you.



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