… it’s November?

November 5, 2011 at 4:51 am Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s November! Where has the year gone? This crazy warmer weather (not that I’m complaining) has really thrown me off, that or time is really just passing by at lightening speed! Perhaps a little of both, at any rate, it’s the best time of the year (so please slow down time!) and I couldn’t be more inspired! Speaking of, we make posters at work to psych us up for upcoming seasons – I thought I’d share a little of my work and own inspiration for my favorite time of the year! Happy November to us! This season I’m attempting to cook more (hide your children, hide your wives) craft more, and blog more! That is if I can tare myself away from all the eating, shopping and surfing Pinterest! I have been stupidly addicted to that site, it’s wonderful for imagination! So many inspiring projects, I want to make EVERYTHING, it’s creative madness!

Speaking of the season, I must backtrack and share our pumpkins carving efforts! While I’m a little embarrassed to claim my own pumpkin, I will say this for myself – I did not use a stencil. Can you guess now? Shockingly, I am not a pumpkin carving genius. The artist in me believed I might be, but without a doubt (or a wimpy stencil) my masterpiece was, well… unusual. My gorilla witch, if you look closely, has holes for her (…his/it’s) hair.  I made these with a hand drill, which was such a great idea for carving a pumpkin (maybe not my execution) that I got from Pinterest. More Ideas to come! Happy November!


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super easy, super cute! diy calla lily centerpieces hydrangea invites

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