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I was in a cab the other day and I heard this song. It  drove me crazy because it was so familiar, and I found myself humming it but had no idea what it was. The Lumineers! I downloaded it (and everything else I could find by them) and now I can’t stop listening! Can’t stop! Turns out it was from a bing commercial, but they have a pretty unique sound I can’t get enough of.. shouting back vocals, a kick drum banging, and  a sort of talk and echo that sometimes sounds almost gospel. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out! I assume this song will be everywhere soon enough, it’s so catchy with just the right hooks! The songs Stubborn Love and Flapper Girl are must listens…

http://www.gracepotter.com/video (Click on Never go Back)

I’m still not sure I LOVE this new album, The Lion The Beast and The Beat. It’s got some good tracks, but I’d be lying if i didn’t say I was the teensiest bit dissapointed in Grace’s new album. I am used to them knocking my socks off every time, so maybe my expectations were too high, but it’s not my favorite. Weather it’s been blues, folk, rock, or pop, I’ve been so impressed. They always sound out of this world, Grace has a voice I think I could listen to all day, everyday. Perhaps I just don’t love the 70’s dance vibe, but I can appreiciate they’ve taken on yet another genre. I like that they’re all over the board, and kind of unpredictable, but this time it didn’t translate. I may just need a few more listens to connect, after all, they’re one of my favorite bands and I can’t have that kind of letdown looming over me! Check out the song Runaway as well, it’s growing on me…


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it’s the season! that time of the year…

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