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Your hair was on fire, your shoes were misplaced

Blitzen Trapper is one of those indie bands that mixes classic rock influences so well with their own sounds, I’m always left trying to figure out which song from my past it reminds me of. The most obvious references would be to Neil Young, because Eric Early is a genius with that harmonica, but I always hear Tom Petty, Queen, and smidge of Dylan (no wonder I like it). I think that sometimes rubs people the wrong way, their heavy  influences, but personally, I enjoy it. I like listening to songs that make me feel like I jumped into a time machine to the early 60’s or 70’s – you know since I missed it the first time around.

I also really love BT’s lyrics. I always find their music evokes different chords inside me whether I’m left with these deep thoughts and deeper meanings, or their lyrics that don’t make sense, that stick with me simply because they’re so nonsensical! Somehow they remind me of something, somewhere, in a really positive way. I think what I’m struggling to say here is,  their lyrics trigger something – whether its nostalgia or amusement, or whatever it is, and  it makes me a very happy lady!

I haven’t been avoiding it, but I have I finally gave Blitzen Trapper’s new (relatively new) album a good listen from start to finish this week. After loving their first album ‘Furr’ so much, I was scared to give their new album a listen, because it simply couldn’t be outdone. But, I’d have to say, there isn’t a song on ‘Destroyer of the Void’ I don’t like. Every song is an easy listen. A little more ‘grunge’ this time around, but I really can’t skip a track! My favorite is Evening Star (below) and also check out ‘The man who would speak true” and ‘Below the Hurricane.’

Highly recommend the album. All of it!


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