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I’m SURE you’ve read the book Water for Elephants. Or at least saw the movie. If not (you should probably get out more) do yourself a favor. Generally, I hate movies made from books (My Sister’s Keeper, are they kidding? Can they even do that?) The stories change, they always lack imagination, and the best characters are always played by some ‘it’ actor who manages to butcher the role so terribly, you actually can’t remember if you read the book! (Alexis Bledell, I loved you in Gilmore Girls, but you are NO Winnie Foster) Let’s face it – the book is just always better than the movie.

Granted, books are typically more satisfying because they let us use our own imagination, see our own characters, and don’t operate within constraints. They’re free to be more descriptive and more finished. It’s probably best to enjoy movies for movies and books for books – and try not to constantly compare. The operative word being try.

Water for Elephants definitely made that easy! I can proudly say it beats most odds. Both tell the same story, give or take a few details, but were told with such carefulness, I couldn’t complain if I wanted to! Which is why I did not hesitate to pick up Sara Gruen’s newest novel, Ape House. It had to be every bit as wonderful as her first book – and to no surprise, it was! A very different story, NOTHING like Water for Elephants, but every bit as phenomenal. While I was a little confused where the story was headed at first, it turned out, to be very fulfilling, I had a hard time putting it down. She is an amazing author! Whether it’s apes or elephants, they’ll be characters I’ll remember. Will this become a movie too? I sure hope so! I heard The Help is coming out soon – another test of a fantastic book- made-movie? I sure  hope so!


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