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jars, jars and… more jars!

I’ve been collecting jars forever. Ok, it’s been maaaaybe a year, but it feels like forever! I kept seeing these cute DIY projects to do with mason jars and milk jars, and I thought, done and done! why not reuse my olive jars, spaghetti jars, and pickle jars? Why not go green? Why not!

Other than the fact I’ve become a serious pack rat with all these craft projects (my laundry room has turned into ‘craft crap’ room) I do have to say, the jars were  a good thing to  hoard. I’ve found many, many things to do with them! My toothbrush sits in a very fancy spice jar, my pens stand nicely in a mason jar on my desk, and a pickle jar has made a wonderful home for my dish scrubbing brush. How countrified! My first project was to dye these jars with food coloring and glue so they looked like colored glass. While I successfully dyed my countertops turquoise, I can’t say the same for my jars. The color was too faded and just weren’t worthy of sitting in my windows. It wouldn’t be the first pinterest project gone awry, but I decided to move onto my next craft – things to put in these jars. This seemed much easier anyway! For Christmas I like to make peppermint bark (mostly because it’s literally just heating up chocolate and breaking up candy canes) so I thought, I have all these silly jars, why not put candies in the jars in a cute way!


I found some cute red and white fabric to dress up the tops, tied em’ up with a green ribbon and viola! Cute, cheap, and resourceful!

peppI also made some chocolate dipped pretzels for the folks who don’t like peppermint bark (crazies) which were very cute as well. Considering I have about 60 more jars, I just might have to put more presents in jars! I can only imagine the cute fabric for birthdays, or any other holiday! Stacking cookies or adding popcorn, oh! the possibilities! If I come up with something fabulous, i’ll make sure to document it!


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Happy Holidays!

photoHappy Holidays! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Sept! So busy! This little guy on the card is one of the reasons! My adorable little pug, Moose, has been keeping me quite busy! He’s at the 6 month point, so thing are looking up (ish!) I wanted to share my holiday card, such an innocent little monster! Can’t wait for the Holidays and New Year! Hoping to blog about some work I’ve recently done, and some photos! More to come!!

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