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a moment changes everything

I am so happy right now. I got to see David Gray (aaaaand I’m still smiling about it) with Ray Lamontagne at Millennium Park last night. I hadn’t seen a show there before, so it was even more special because it was all new for me – and It was BEAUTIFUL. Everything seemed just right – the faint glow of the amphitheater, the surrounding lights of the skyline, the cool summer evening, all with the soft sounds of the piano and guitar playing in the background. I could have stayed there forever. I tried but the grounds people weren’t having it.  I will definitely be seeing as many shows there as possible. I don’t know how I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and not been there at least once! I highly, totally, utterly, and completely recommended it!

Ray was really great. His voice is unbelievable! I will def listen to more of him after seeing him last night, he put on a great show.


But, David. Wow. As always, was spectacular. I saw him earlier this year at the Auditorium theatre, and I pretty much fall in love with him and his music every time i hear it. He has incredible lyrics – they give me the goosebumps sometimes because they’re so romantic. I thought I was resilient to all that, but maybe I’m not as hardcore as I think I am. I guess I’m ok with him making me a big softie – he’s truly a special guy. I really love the piano (which sounded SO great in that amphitheater) blended with his rough voice. It’s this oddly unique contrast that just works so well.  I have been a huge fan (obviously) from the beginning – and can’t say I dislike any of his albums. They’re all decked with tracks I know I’ll be listening to forever. His newest album came out last week -Foundling – and I’ll admit I didn’t fall in love immediately. It’s a little more mature, and lacks the pep most of his work has. It is however, very sincere and genuine. Like I said before, he’s a phenomenal writer/composer. It took a few listens to satisfy me, but after keying in on a few tracks, I’d have to say, I enjoy it. The track ‘A moment changes everything’ gave me the chills (there I go again) He sings: “The summer sky is blushing pink, the heart is running out of sync, could this just be the day, I think, that a moment, a moment changes everything.” Take a listen. It’s pretty great.

The show was polished off with a ‘dig a pony’ Beatles cover where he brought Ray back out on stage, which was pretty awesome. The two seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is always really great to see. A great end, to a great show. Great, great, great.




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