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mirage rock rocks on…


Mirage Rock. Finally.

I know this album came out in Sept, and being a loyal boh fan, I am sad to report I am just getting around to giving it a good listen now. In January.

Shhh, don’t tell the band.

It’s no mirage, this album rocks! (sorry, had to)

I can’t ever really say anything bad about Band of Horses which makes my  favoritism annoying and biased, I know, but I really think this too was another impressive album. A great among greats! This time around, the mood was a little more country, ringing in strong with those southern rock influences that make you feel like you’ve gone back to your roots. I hear the Eagles, and Neil Young… did somebody say Crazy Horse? With his killer vocals and witty words, I believe Ben Bridwell can do no wrong. I could listen to him sing sweet nothing’s with that beautiful voice any day, all day. Forever and ever, amen. My favorite song – Everythings Gonna be Undone, I swear is written for me – and I find myself humming it to myself all day long. It’s SO good. Electric Music is my other favorite, I literally turn it up and belt the song out every time I get in the car (yea, it’s ugly). Maybe because the song sings “Traveling the open road” I picture myself driving down a dirt road in the 70’s – you know, even though I was just an idea then. Very Almost Famous, tour bus-esq…

imagesI Love this album as much, if not more than Infinite Arms, and cannot believe the backlash Band of Horses got for it! Get out of 2007! Sounds change, music evolves, musicians grow – so get on board! I was seriously shocked at the bad reviews Mirage Rock got, since at first listen, I loved it! I do understand sometimes it takes awhile to get into new albums, and more often than not it’s easy to jump to the negatives. Not all changes are good, but c’mon! This one? It’s SO good.

Maybe the classic rock/country/folk lover that i am didn’t care that sound was a little different – because it’s a sound I like so much. Either way, the band still has their Indie Rock aesthetic, pop sense, and good lyrics. They’ve just revamped a little. Whys’ everybody so mad about that?

And maybe I will never think badly of boh, and really this is more of a love letter/blog praise from a crazy fan than an actual review. Tomatoe, tomato.

And maybe i’m giving Mirage Rock 4 thumbs up because, well, we’ve already decided that I’m irritating and play favorites.

If you haven’t already, give her a listen, you won’t be sorry.


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In time I’d find a little way to your heart

Band of Horses 10/19 Riveria Theatre, Chicago

Band of Horses are easily one of my favorite bands (I know, I know –  I say that about every band) but really, they’re pretty fucking high on my list. It was love at first listen of course, but after seeing them at Lollapalooza last summer, I’ve been on a mad spendfest (those 99 cent songs do add up fast) downloading everything of theirs I can get my hands on. I love all of their music – Cease to Begin being my favorite album up until recently, when their newest triumph Infinite Arms gave it a good run for its money. A little less fire than their last,  but still, as always fantastic.

So this Infinite Arms tour started,  went to see them last night at the Riv, and as suspected, they put on a really great show. I was totally impressed (which i realize theres no value in that statement anymore since I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything) with the whole show. First, the Riveria always has good sound. I’m always satisfied with that. They started off the show in one of the lower balconies, Ben Bridwell (ah, so cute) and the guy with the beard (their members change quite a bit, can’t keep up) for an acoustic performance of “Nobody’s Gonna Love You” which happens to be my favorite song! I wasn’t totally ready for it (still juggling my new beer and figuring out what to do with my coat, while getting knocked around by people trying to get closer to the stage) but, it sucked me right in – for the next 2 hrs, my ears and eyes were verrry happy.

Now, I say ‘eyes’ not just because Ben is well, a sexy musician, but because the band had this awesome slide show going on behind them the whole set! It was all these outdoorsy pictures that moved to the beat of the music, or just one, depending on the song. Totally amused me. I’ve seen some great set designs in the past, but this was natural, and convincingly authentic. I felt like i was watching the bands vacation slides or something. Actually, I felt like I was on vacation with them, up in the Smokies or something. Cheers to that! My friend laughed at me when I asked her if she thought the band picked out all the photos. “Yea, right – they totally have somebody do that for them.” Well, I thought it looked like they put it together, so maybe she’s wrong.

And maybe im in the wrong business, I want that job!

They closed it off with a very new, never been heard song, which i have mixed feelings about (i always wanna hear the old stuff for the encore) but I’m hoping that means another album in the near future! I’ll be waiting patiently – but in the mean time listening to Infinite Arms over and over. Take a listen to Blue Beard, i think it’s the best on the CD in my very, professional, opinion. Enjoy!

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