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fancy DIY envelope liners

I Love them! I saw these liners at The Paper Source awhile back and have been lusting after them ever since! They are the perfect thing I need to spice up my brother’s wedding invitations! I decided to try and make my own to save a few dollars, The Paper Source has beautiful liners and paper, but can be tricky to use while on a budget.

1.) Choose a paper! The sky is really the limit here- I can only imagine using vellum and textured fiber paper (so cool!) but I chose a brown, seamless, floral patterned scrapbook paper (59 cents a sheet at Hobby Lobby) to go with the fall theme of my invite. The colors matched perfectly!Find some scrap cardstock to make a template. 2.) trace your envelope all the way around I used A2 envelopes from Paper Presentation. 3.) Next, cut 3/4″ off the bottom of your template. Place the template inside your envelope and it should fit just underneath the seal!

4.) Line up your template to the edge of the pretty paper and trace. Lining it up allows you to use the already straight edges, and usually allows for more use- and Viola! You’ve made your liner! Once you’ve cut out all your liners, it’s time to crease them.

5.) Take your envelope with the liner inside and fold over as you would to seal it, to crease the paper good before you glue it. This makes sealing the envelope easier. 6.) Take your Elmer’s rubber cement and score JUST the flap part of liner. Remember a little goes a long way – if you use less, you’ll avoid the mess! Let them sit for an hour or so before putting in the invitation, and you’re all set!

A beautiful detail to an otherwise ordinary envelope! 


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