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roddick waves goodbye

When you think of tennis, the words gentleman, sophisticated, and elegant should come to mind. On his good days, Andy was lucky if he achieved well-behaved. It usually wasn’t pretty. There was the arguing. There was the racket throwing. There was the snotty press conferences. Although at most times these things made me cringe,  I’d have to say they eventually became what I liked most about him. Bad behavior aside, he was real. He didn’t hide the fact he was upset about his losses, or that his emotions sometimes got the best of him. Although it was hard to watch, you always knew how bad he wanted it, and how hard it was to lose.

After an emotional farewell, tennis fans said goodbye to Andy Roddick this week.


Retirement? Already? Last match… ever?

I initially started following his career because he was the only American within reach of the big titles. OK, OK, and he’s also quite the golden boy. He was somebody that always worked hard and went the extra mile, but didn’t always come out on top. He was the guy you couldn’t help but root for, no matter how many losses or snarky  interviews he gave. The quintessential underdog.

It wasn’t all tears and tantrums, Roddick did something right – he remained in the top ten for 9 years, and won 32 career titles – with one grand slam. He was also a huge Davis Cup crusader- playing for his country meant more to him than his own pro tour – and he was a consistent mentor for the younger players on tour. Not a shabby resume at all.

While I admit I pushed a few tears back after his speech, I doubt this is the end. He warned us he’d be back as a fan, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he came back as a sportscaster, announcer, or linesman (just kidding) – the guy does have an undeniable wit. His eloquence surely  calls for the sport of tennis. Or at least television – we want to see that pretty face!

Maybe he’ll be as fickle as Brett Farve – a girl can hope, right?

Sniff, Sniff. Is it too soon to make I miss Andy t-shirts?


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Sweltering in Cincinnati

I had the chance to visit the Western & Southern Financial Open this past weekend in Cincinnati, and boy was it HOT! We drove in for the evening session Friday, making it just in time to see Djokovic vs. Monfils. I love watching Djoko (as we like to call him) play, he’s a maniac! They battled pretty hard – nothing like seeing an evenly matched pair like this!  It was a great match, and perfect weather! What a gorgeous night! Djokovic took him to three sets and came out ahead. We also got to see a little bit of the Bryan brothers quarter final match, which I really love because they don’t really cover doubles on TV. I’m not sure why that is, maybe there isn’t as much interest, or it’s too fast to announce, who knows, but it’s really fun to watch! Saturday we had a full day of tennis -we watched some more big players (Murray/ Fish/Berdych) and completely roasted! It got to 94 on Saturday. I suppose though, as a tennis fan, it’s worth it -these events don’t happen that often! The highlight of our trip – we were waiting for the final on Sunday morning, my dad and I just sitting on a bench outside the stadium, and Djokovic comes running up, 2ft away from us! Not kidding! On his routine warm up jog! Star struck! I wanted to chase him down, but wasn’t quick enough. Dad also reminded me I wasn’t 12 years old (Next time I’ll be ready!) What a great tournament!

We also loved seeing the ESPN broadcasters on the grounds, right up close – I snagged a pic of Chris Fowler (so dreamy) If you look closely at the pic, you can see he’s wearing shorts and sneakers with his sport coat – it made my day! I don’t blame him, it was just too hot! (please ignore large man in cancun shirt, he would NOT move) Star struck again! It Can’t wait for the US OPEN!

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Djokovic, Down Under

A little shocking, a little disappointing, a tad unexpected, but as always, exciting.

Tennis is such an odd sport that way, leaving you with such mixed emotions as you go through the ups and downs of each match. It’s hard to watch your favorite players lose, but really exciting to see the breakthroughs of the others.  Throughout my (obnoxiously overwhelmingly obsessive) tennis supporting career, I can honestly say my favorite players change with each tournament. Now I’m not saying that I’m a fair weather fan (Andy, I’ll love you forever) and I suppose I always have to root for the American guys, but It’s super exciting to see the new guys crash through the big players, and I find myself always rooting for them.

New talent ie: the unseeded Ukrainian guy, Dogolpolov. Wow. I thought he was going all the way by the likes of his first week in Melbourne. And what about Li Na? She did such a fantastic job, I was so torn in her final against Clijsters. I was really excited to see Kim in the final, but Li Na worked so hard to beat Wozniacki (who, in my oppinion is totally overrated) and put up such a great fight in the final, I wouldn’t have been too upset if she won. There have been many rumors of Kim’s retirement, which I can only think, ARE YOU NUTS?? She’s been playing the best tennis of her career these past few months, she can’t stop now! She’s the reason I started watching women’s tennis, I’d be pretty sad to see her go!

And for Mr. Djokovic, he warned us at the US Open he’d be back for more, and was he ever! We really couldn’t have asked for a more suited Australian Open champion – Taking out Federer in straight sets (yet again!) and taking Murry down without hesitation. I was very excited for him! He’s one of the only guys on the tour I can really say has a complete game. Complete being that he’s strong mentally, he’s quick on his feet, and is so physically fit- he gets to every ball (sometimes while doing the splits). It’s always a treat watching him, he really does impress me more and more each time. It’s funny, the first tournament I went to (the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami) I got to see him up close, on one of the smaller courts right when he turned pro. My friend Chrissy and I gushed about how cute he was (naturally) and were shocked at how well he played for a newbie. I feel like that was FOREVER ago. He’s had such a outstanding career since then – he broke the top 10 not too long after that, and has managed to stay in the top 5 for most of his pro career. He’s obviously been on my radar ever since! It was great to see him accept that trophy like a real champion, and I know we’ll be seeing him win many more of them in his day!

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It’s that time again!

Australian Open 2011 – I can’t believe it’s here already! For the next two weeks you’ll find me glued to my TV till the wee hours of the morning just so i can see everything live, halfway sleeping through my days at work, checking scores and updating my interactive online draw (do i get extra cool points for that?) and pretty much eating, sleeping (well, not exactly) and breathing tennis. It’s always such an exciting couple of weeks down under, I’m pumped for the action to begin! The men’s and the women’s draws were released today, to which there was minimal surprises – but those always come later! Hopefully we will get to see some new faces, big upsets, and new champions! I’ll be on Melbourne time for the next two weeks, get ready!

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