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purple perfection: an inspirational shoot

I am so excited. Thanks to Yellow Diamond Events and Kristen La Voie Photography  another summer project completed! I am very happy to share the gorgeous photos from their inspirational shoot! It turned out beautiful! Every last detail was perfect – my favorite being the little cookie cakes by Luscious Layers Bakery! Honestly, how cute are those?! The flowers were great as well, the arrangements by Life in Bloom. I was lucky enough to participate – my stationary was featured! Had a blast creating the print materials to match this rustic, yet polished wedding shoot! Enjoy the photos! Hoping to work with these talented people in the near future!

I wish all my invitations were accompanied by beautiful flowers!

The invites turned out great! Floral, floral, floral! I also love, love, love the photo on the right. The lighting and placement is MAGICAL!

I Still can’t get over the teeny desserts! UHM, YUM! Love the cork detail cards too!

SO beautiful, right?! The soft lighting and various shades of purple are enchanting! I love all the rustic touches, like the wine corks, branches, and mason jars. They look perfect with the chic, iridescent, wine glasses (which i am totally lusting after) and the matching plates! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for Yellow Diamond Events!


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that time of the year…

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Sweet Spring Stripes + Flowers

Spring wedding set, check! I’ve appropriately named my latest collection Sweet Spring Stripes and Flowers due to it’s whimsical appearance. We went with something playful, but not too cutesy. Something different, but not too out there. Something simple, but still fun! I was told to incorporate stripes (I guess the groomsmen are wearing striped ties and the girls have stripes in their dresses) with pink tulips and peach daisies. Floral, Floral, Floral! I couldn’t be happier with how this double sided, card stock set came out! I tied them up with a tiny polka dot ribbon, and a peach envelope to complete the look. Oh so sweet!

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hydrangea invites

I had some time this week to spit out some upcoming summer wedding invites for a friend of a friend. Her flowers are mostly going to be green hydrangeas, and she wanted that to be the look of the invite – can’t go wrong with floral! I love hydrangeas (personally drawn to the white ones) but naturally I had a blast with these – a no brainer! One of my good friends had these flowers in her wedding bouquets a few years ago, so I dug up some photos from her beautiful wedding (sniff, sniff) and found I had some first hand inspiration! The greens are so beautiful! I tried them on the last of the linen paper I had, and while I love linen, I’m going to try some cardstock for a little brighter color! To the paper store I’ll go (look out!) The navy envelopes look really great (her other color) with the bright green (and against my new tile!) and they will all be tied together with a matching satin ribbon. Love it! I also might try to talk her into some simple white envelope liners depending on the paper she chooses, because I’m a geeky paper lover like that! Can’t wait to start on the rest of my summer wedding projects – I hope they’re as enjoyable as these!

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They’re engaged!

I had the weekend to come up with something for two of my good friends upcoming fall engagement party. Between her brother’s wedding, and my brother’s upcoming reception, we’ve been awfully tied up with parties, favors, flowers, invites, etc. – it’s been a busy summer! One wedding down one to go! The work is mostly done, so now it’s time to focus on her upcoming wedding! Hooray for a new round of wedding chaos!

She liked the idea of a fall theme, and I loved this leafy vintage inspired paper for the awesome envelope liners – my new crafty obsession! I think they came together quite nicely, if i don’t say so myself! Looking forward to a great year of wedding planning fun! I couldn’t be happier for two of my favorite people!

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fancy DIY envelope liners

I Love them! I saw these liners at The Paper Source awhile back and have been lusting after them ever since! They are the perfect thing I need to spice up my brother’s wedding invitations! I decided to try and make my own to save a few dollars, The Paper Source has beautiful liners and paper, but can be tricky to use while on a budget.

1.) Choose a paper! The sky is really the limit here- I can only imagine using vellum and textured fiber paper (so cool!) but I chose a brown, seamless, floral patterned scrapbook paper (59 cents a sheet at Hobby Lobby) to go with the fall theme of my invite. The colors matched perfectly!Find some scrap cardstock to make a template. 2.) trace your envelope all the way around I used A2 envelopes from Paper Presentation. 3.) Next, cut 3/4″ off the bottom of your template. Place the template inside your envelope and it should fit just underneath the seal!

4.) Line up your template to the edge of the pretty paper and trace. Lining it up allows you to use the already straight edges, and usually allows for more use- and Viola! You’ve made your liner! Once you’ve cut out all your liners, it’s time to crease them.

5.) Take your envelope with the liner inside and fold over as you would to seal it, to crease the paper good before you glue it. This makes sealing the envelope easier. 6.) Take your Elmer’s rubber cement and score JUST the flap part of liner. Remember a little goes a long way – if you use less, you’ll avoid the mess! Let them sit for an hour or so before putting in the invitation, and you’re all set!

A beautiful detail to an otherwise ordinary envelope! 

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a snow day’s work.

Oh. My. Snow. I can’t believe how much snow we got this week! Chicago blizzard 2011! I actually got a day and a half off work (it had to be bad if WE got the day off) on Tuesday and Wednesday, after getting 20 inches of snow! I took some pics when I woke up Wednesday morning. That crazy snow was up to my waist! Since I was mostly snowed in, I had some time to do a few things around the house. I did some laundry, washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom (imagine how clean my house would be if I had a day off in the middle of EVERY week) cleared out my DVR Queue, AND actually got some work done! I finally had some time to finish Jacqui’s invitations for her wedding in June! (ok, so I have a little time) Hopefully they’ll print as nice as this one (it took me about 3 sheets of linen paper before I got a good one) we might be switching this to card stock, if it keeps happening – either way, I think they’ll look great! I’m really happy with the way they turned out! I hope she likes them! Can’t wait to make the menus and table numbers!

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